How It Works

Clinical Hypnotherapy To Lose Weight

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Despite hypnosis and hypnotherapy being hundreds of years old. It’s still incredibly misunderstood. Often confused with stage hypnosis, many feel that it involves surrendering control in some form and nothing could be further from the truth.

Hypnosis is a safe, delightful and natural phenomenon that the average person is guaranteed to experience daily. If you have ever been in a deep daydream, forgotten that you’ve been driving on a long road, or got lost in a really great movie. That’s a form of hypnosis, more commonly referred to as a trance.

It may feel at the moment that most of you wants to stop smoking, but that another “part” is stopping you from achieving that. We simply use trance to speak to that “other part” so that all of you can safely move forward in the right direction to a healthier and happier you that doesn’t smoke.

Several scientific studies have linked hypnosis to achieving deeper and more relaxed sleep as well as reducing anxiety and improving over all wellness.

The Science of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

In the context of smoking cessation, hypnotherapy works by helping individuals reframe their thoughts and attitudes towards food. It targets the subconscious mind, which is where the habit of smoking is deeply ingrained. Hypnotherapy can help individuals overcome the psychological and emotional dependence of food by altering all of the subconscious thoughts that trigger the urge to overeat.

At the Slim Mind Clinic, we use the latest science of hypnosis to help our clients quit smoking for good. Our personalized approach and ongoing support can help you break free from smoking addiction and enjoy a healthier, happier life.

What Makes Us Different

Being a part of the Hypnotherapy Unleashed Group, The Slim Mind Clinic can pull on a multitude of resources not usually available to independent therapists. One of these is clinically testing, evaluating and improving on our hypnotic process in order to help our clients see more more effective results in a faster time period. In July 2023, we tested our proprietary method and it showed extraordinary changes in the brain in just 15 minutes!

Our Process Brings Your Brain Into The Ideal State For Effortless and Sustainable Weight Loss

Our Proprietary method has been shown to significantly reduce fatigue and lethargy in the brain as well as increase the brains ability to make better and more rational decisions.

“This process produces less chatter, less internal dialogue, and more ability to be present, and with THIS presence, you can be reacting off of what you’re actually witnessing without the baggage of the past. You’re always going to be better with what is.”

James Roy – Technical Director Of Brainwork Institute London